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I Can’t Watch TV Without Eating!

Is Breaking the Snacking Habit Necessary? Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at Making healthy choices is usually easy for me. I love the gym, I like eating healthy food and sprinkling in the occasional treat or restaurant. My weakness is nighttime. The late night hungies is what my family calls it. Knowing… Continue reading I Can’t Watch TV Without Eating!

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How to Protect Your Happiness

All You Can Promise is Love Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at Worried, that is the word of the year for me. I’m always worried, not for myself, but for my family. There has been adventures and great joy in my life in 2018. I have an understanding calm… Continue reading How to Protect Your Happiness


Writing That Steps on Toes For a while now I have had a few burning stories rattling around in my brain. I have jotted down inspiration and sentences that hit me in the middle of the night. I feel the familiar tingle of a good piece of writing. The desire to type away for hours, with nothing but coffee… Continue reading Writing That Steps on Toes