the face behind put into wordsHello! I’m Lauren Lee.

Ask any friend, family member or colleague of mine, and they will all agree, my repetitive saying is “I will make it happen!” I lived by this motto while I was an educator making writing and research engaging for secondary school students. Now I live and breath “making it happen” as a Public Relations Assistant promoting clients with all types of strategic writing. When clients come to me with problems or “impossible” tasks, my go-to saying is and always will be, “I will make it happen!”

Now, I use my extensive experience gained as an educator and a public relations assistant in my career of freelance writing. I love the challenge of creating good copy and content management for my clients.

If you have a passionate idea, a product, or voice that you need put into words, I will go above and beyond to make it happen.

When I am not typing away, you can find me in the gym lifting heavy things or tackling learning a language. Although I am versatile, my topics of interest in copy and content include women’s health and fitness, empowerment, education from an educator’s perspective and language learning.

Do you have big ideas that you need put into words? Burned out writing a blog that requires frequent updating or social media content managing that you don’t have time to do? I can help!

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