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Treat Yourself Like Your Most Demanding Client

Struggling to find time for your own platforms? Have ideas and content you want to create and share, but have no extra hours in the day? The solution is simple, treat yourself like your most demanding client. Here is how...

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When Writing Brings Tears to Your Eyes

Finding the Rare Writing Gem in Your Work Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at There are a plethora of motivations behind the stories you read on Medium and really anywhere. Some write for notoriety, profit, credibility, or even popularity. Others write to search for kindred souls or find writing a form of… Continue reading When Writing Brings Tears to Your Eyes


Writing That Steps on Toes For a while now I have had a few burning stories rattling around in my brain. I have jotted down inspiration and sentences that hit me in the middle of the night. I feel the familiar tingle of a good piece of writing. The desire to type away for hours, with nothing but coffee… Continue reading Writing That Steps on Toes


What in the World Are Weasel Words?

Tips to Avoid Weasels in Your Next Piece of Writing Photo courtesty of Pexels- follow my writing journey at putintowords_withlee I started using the Writers Work platform several months ago mainly for the text insight features. I liked the ability to see the grade level of my writing and the fine tooth comb Writers Work… Continue reading What in the World Are Weasel Words?