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I Can’t Watch TV Without Eating!

Is Breaking the Snacking Habit Necessary?

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Making healthy choices is usually easy for me. I love the gym, I like eating healthy food and sprinkling in the occasional treat or restaurant. My weakness is nighttime. The late night hungies is what my family calls it. Knowing my weakness, I save my late night hungies for the weekend as a scheduled treat. Recently, I was chastised for eating while watching a movie and that got me thinking… what is so wrong with that?

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Winding down on the weekend and watching Hulu goes hand in hand with a sweet or salty treat. According to Harvard Medical School, it is called “Distracted Eating.” Howard LeWine states that people who pay attention to their food during meal time tend to eat less.

That is understandable. Mindful eating is a method used to reduce caloric intake.

However, my mindless eating habit is not so much about how much I am eating (because I pre-plan and measure), but more of the ritual of it. For example, any Marvel or action movie requires something salty, like popcorn. Emotional films need a form of chocolate. Perhaps I am weird, no… I know I am.

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To put it simply, I just can’t focus on the television without my ritual and hard-earned sugar or sodium laced snack. Vise versa, that perfect treat tastes less so without the drama and story line attached.

Now, I can try to talk myself and others out of TV munching by stating all the reasons why we shouldn’t eat and watch TV, or you can just check that out here.

Instead, I would like to pose a question. If one has pre-planned a snack, pre-planned a relaxing time, and pre-planned pairing that snack with that relaxing time, what is the harm in that?

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