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When Writing Brings Tears to Your Eyes

Finding the Rare Writing Gem in Your Work

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There are a plethora of motivations behind the stories you read on Medium and really anywhere. Some write for notoriety, profit, credibility, or even popularity.

Others write to search for kindred souls or find writing a form of cheaper therapy for life’s struggles.

I have had different motivations in my stages of writing. Each piece with its own purpose and agenda.

There have been a few stories that, while I have jotted down ideas in my notebook or on my screen, have just felt different, powerful somehow. If not to my readers, then only to me.

I have had moments when writing that the thought flashed through my mind, even if a single soul never laid eyes on this piece, I got it out, and it is for me. Writing is a process that often brings a tear to my eyes.

I read an article by Daniel Ndukwu titled, “The Hard Truth About Writing: thoughts to keep close.” I believe he states my point simply and beautiful when it comes to the amount of writing we produce:

“Some of it’s good, a tiny bit is really good, but most of it sucks ass.” – Ndukwu

It doesn’t matter if each piece you or I produce hits thousands of views or gathers claps each time. No, the process and growth attached is what matters. Getting better at something that is difficult is meaningful.

It is true. You need to, despite all obstacles, just keep writing. If not writing, some form of self- expression. It takes dozens and dozens of crappy pieces until you stumble upon the words that really mean something, the rare hidden gem in your work. Words that hold power, only for you.

Of all the hours I have spent writing and posting here on Medium, I could do without every piece except:



These pieces meant something to me, not because of claps or views (though comforting- let’s be honest). No, these pieces helped me grow and self-improve. They keep my head clear and my motivation for the future reignited.

With a little luck, maybe our written words will be read. And the eyes on the other side of the screen will spark with their own meaning derived from your experience. We never truly know how deeply we impact the lives of those in this world.

If you find yourself needing a little writing motivation yourself, I suggest reading, “How to Write Every Day and Not Post Stuff That Sucks” by Frank McKinley.

There are writers here on Medium every day that grow a pair and publish away. Not because of the claps or views but what they can gain in the process and what they can share with their outcome.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the authors on Medium and elsewhere who have given me the writing balls to push on.

Without you, I wouldn’t feel the joy that comes from hashing out the past, present and future in the form of words. I hope you carry on writing. Your words have touched and inspired me.

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