Writing That Steps on Toes

For a while now I have had a few burning stories rattling around in my brain. I have jotted down inspiration and sentences that hit me in the middle of the night. I feel the familiar tingle of a good piece of writing. The desire to type away for hours, with nothing but coffee and background music to keep me company, until I emerge satisfied is pulling me towards the computer.

The passion is there and in some cases pent-up rage that needs expression. I know these pieces will be good, I know they will be juicy and therapeutic for myself and others. I KNOW THEY MUST BE WRITTEN!

The problem is, these stories will step on toes. Not my readers’ toes, my family’s toes. To be specific, my in-law’s toes. Without a doubt, I am certain there are readers out there that have family drama. Each a unique situation that we can collectively laugh at or feel each other’s outrage. I long to get my experiences down and reach out for consolation to know I am not alone or crazy in how I deal with drama.

My immediate family is highly supportive. They read the occasional piece I send them and get a good laugh. Do we have arguments? Yes, but they never interfere with how much we love each other We have grown up talking about memories, learning from our experiences and planning for our future. I don’t get the same vibe from my in-laws. In fact, I don’t get any vibe from my in-laws. They live half-way across the world. What are the odds that they might read my pieces that involve them?

I have read blog posts from some of my favorite writers and I laugh, cry and get angry along with them when they spill their life on the page. I think to myself, DAMN that was a good story. Why? Because they have balls, real writing guts. They left nothing out, they wrote the most embarrassing moments, moments when they were cheated on, hurt or made mistakes. Raw emotions, out on the page for everyone to see. A journey that we can live through them and experience humanity together.

I want that. I want to make progress in my writing and in life. There are experiences I need to write and then let go, and ones I want to cherish and share. I want to learn from the challenges that people I love and people I encounter cause. With the new year approaching, I am going to step on a few toes. I can feel it, but I think it’s worth it to make progress. Here is to all you fearless writers out there! Wish me luck.

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