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My Plane Ride with a Sort of Germaphobe

Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at I sat in a strange situation from my crammed middle seat on a flight bound for Hawaii. I tried to wrap my mind around the germaphobe who was assigned the aisle spot next to me. Back in my teaching years, I was hypersensitive to the physical… Continue reading My Plane Ride with a Sort of Germaphobe

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Do You Have a Furry Little Pervert?

Dogs and Cats Are Professional Peeping Toms Ever catch your pet staring at you in the shower or follow you to the restroom? - Photo courtesy of Pexels When living solo, you get used to conducting your daily life without an audience. After marriage, there are still boundaries in most relationships. Certain activities in the… Continue reading Do You Have a Furry Little Pervert?


You’re Married, You Can’t Learn

How Marriage Has Become an Unexpected Roadblock to Language Learning  I have tried to let it go, to move on and brush it off. The offense I feel is uncomfortable, like when you feel itchy after hearing someone has lice- not rational, but present. Because it is now unbearable, I will bear my soul. The… Continue reading You’re Married, You Can’t Learn