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I Can Do It Myself

Coming to Your Own Rescue Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at — Photo courtesy of Pexels I have a few favorite repetitive sayings in life that seem to fit the challenges of my day. One such saying is, "Don't worry about me, I am a woMAN" (pronounced Woooah man!). This phrase is frequently used in… Continue reading I Can Do It Myself

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You’re Projecting Your Own Insecurities

The Best Motivational Insult Comes from an Enemy Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at I have always been a big fan of the anti-villain. Their depth of character and rich back stories add spice to our favorite books and films. Empathy is the key, I suppose. I feel sorry… Continue reading You’re Projecting Your Own Insecurities