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Dr. Jekyll and Momo Hyde

When Your Pet Has Split Personalities Follow my writing journey on Instagram @putintowords_withlee or my blog at Have you ever met someone that has two completely different personalities? Two sets of common behaviors, reactions and character traits? Well, I have. Not a human, but a furry monster named Momo (my mother's beloved dog). My mother and I… Continue reading Dr. Jekyll and Momo Hyde

Marriage, Pet and Humor

He’s YOUR Dog

Passing on Responsibility Growing up I faintly remember my parents mumbling, "Well, she's YOUR daughter!" This phrase often accompanied a dramatic episode in the household where I threw typical teenage tantrums or fought with my brother. My father said it when it suited him and vice-a-versa for my mother. My parents took turns solving… Continue reading He’s YOUR Dog

Pet and Humor

Do You Have a Furry Little Pervert?

Dogs and Cats Are Professional Peeping Toms Ever catch your pet staring at you in the shower or follow you to the restroom? - Photo courtesy of Pexels When living solo, you get used to conducting your daily life without an audience. After marriage, there are still boundaries in most relationships. Certain activities in the… Continue reading Do You Have a Furry Little Pervert?