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Treat Yourself Like Your Most Demanding Client

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If you are like me, sometimes your own platforms get placed on the back burner. Life gets busy. Something has to give right? Sometimes it is our health, family time, time with friends (virtually socializing), or even parts of our lives that make us who we are get neglected.

For me, as a social media manager, my own platform frankly embarrasses me sometimes. I have spent countless hours cultivating skills and knowledge in this trade and yet have NO time to put those skills into practice on my own platforms. My personal writing suffers and I look like an amateur quite frankly.

I suppose you could hire someone, and maybe I will down the line. But for now, here is my solution. I have started treating myself like my most demanding client. You know, the one that calls after hours, demands additional work outside of your agreed contract, and expects the extra mile. Why shouldn’t we treat ourselves like that?

To create some structure and follow through, I schedule myself a designated time during workdays for my own platforms, as I do all my clients. I hold true to my calendar and when it is a particular client’s block of time, nothing gets in the way. Now, I am my most demanding client. That hour or so of blocked time is becoming the most productive hour because I know how much I need to cram into it. What do you do to stay on top of your own platforms?

2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Like Your Most Demanding Client”

  1. I love this little perspective change. Though I’m afraid nothing will ever get done for my case, since I tend to be very passive aggressive. I’d just silently despise myself, not saying things out loud but still expecting me to do the necessary work.

    Thanks for sharing!

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