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Facing Internal Battles

Taking the Time to Answer That Old Question, “Who Am I?”

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I am back from my writing hiatus. The desire to write has crossed my mind every day, this was not a simple case of writer’s block. Fact is, I was tired of riding the wave of publishing daily and watched the quality of my content slowly slip into mediocrity to appease the nagging fear of maintaining progress and relevance. I want writing to be more than a hobby. I want my posts to be more than click-bait.

Therefor, I took time. Time to assess what I really want to delve into next. The topics I have chosen are no longer going to be the type of posts that I can sit down, hammer out, proof and publish in a matter of hours. No, these are going to be deep, soul-searching, research heavy, debated and contemplated matters. Probably not the posts people will find lighthearted or a quick read but those who trudge on I hope will leave meaningful comments for me to digest and possibly change my view on the world.

I meant what I said in my post, “Writing that Steps on toes.” What I choose to publish about my views or beliefs may be a surprise to some of my loved ones, or reveal deep flaws and ignorance in my character, but what real growth can happen without some pain involved? Besides, I have every confidence that the people I value in my life already know somehow where my heart is at.

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Tackling a New Theme

As some of you know, I was once an English teacher and old habits die hard. I have decided that the topics I will write about for the next good while will fall under a theme of “Facing Internal Battles.” There are several grey areas of my life that I have been afraid to write about, research or fully face and THESE are the kind of pieces I think others may relate to.

Here is my checklist of topics to be published after extensive reading, research and discussion, so I don’t look like an ignorant privileged ass wipe. As you browse, let me know in the comments below what topics sound interesting and I will start there!

Internal Battle Series

  • Facing Race, Cultural Differences, Guilt, and My Place in the Conversation
    • Growing up as far North as you can get and then teaching as far South as you can go have been an eye-opening experience when it comes to race and racism.
    • Marrying a man of a different race has also presented worthwhile challenges in race, stereotypes and cultural differences.
    • Having family history with public safety has thrown me into the political storm that demands choosing sides and I find myself in the middle of a race and police battle conundrum.
  • Facing Positive Body Image Social Media Blasts and Self Love
    • I hear the preaching of the body positive movements and then see the lash back knocking it on social media. I think both sides have relevant arguments and I need to find my place in it as I am guilty of being judgmental of myself and others far more than I would like.
    • Preaching self- love is different from actually loving yourself. Throwing on some new clothes or treating yourself does not mean you love yourself. I want to tackle this issue of the heart.
    • Weight obsession and shallow vanity are not problems I want to pass on to my future child. I want to delve into the idea of living while self-improving, not stopping life by continuous obsession over food and physical appearance. Can there be daily confidence in knowing you are making slow and steady progress while enjoying the moment?
  • Facing the Topic of Feminism
    • I thought I was a feminist, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe my husband is the feminist.
    • What is true feminism? Where has it gone wrong and who is doing it right? These are questions I want to answer for myself through research, dialogue and good old-fashioned debate. Feel free to enlighten me.
  • Facing Politics
    • I am ashamed of my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to present day politics.
    • I want to register to vote and participate in my country’s political system as people have fought for me to have the right to do so. (Plus moving to the DC area has put pressure on me to finally act). However, I want my first vote to be an informed one.
    • I am going to form my views from scratch, make my own informed opinions and join the conversations (FINALLY). This might step on a few family member’s toes.

All of these time-consuming topics aim at answering the same old question people have been asking themselves since the beginning of consciousness, “WHO AM I?” How do I fit in this world? Do I have a voice and anything worthwhile to say?

How confident are you in your views and beliefs on a scale of 1-10? Let me know! What topics above would peak your interest? Feel free to comment below and I will start there.

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