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Finding Creative Writing Motivation

Funding a Medium Baby

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Writing and I have a tumultuous relationship. Some months, I can’t get enough writing out of my system. I have a lot to say, think, and process. Writing is therapy, shared therapy with a community who takes time to reply and think through life with me. I feel like I can’t breathe or take on the world without processing it through words.

Then writing and I need to “take a break.” It feels like a chore, pulling teeth or a bad break-up. Inspiration is nada and Hulu calls me late at night and asks if I want to hang out. I cheat on writing. I fall back on old unproductive habits.

Guilt comes next. It’s not you writing, it really is me. But writing always takes me back with loving arms after I go on wild tangents. I find new inspiration or motivation in exploring topics that are fresh and not beaten to death in my mind. My new creative inspiration and motivation is what I call funding my Medium baby.

Now parenting is not a new topic to many of my readers. But it is new and exciting to me, not to mention terrifying. So, when I was in a middle of a hiatus from writing and struggling to find my way back to words, Medium motivated me. Readers’ claps, comments, and interactions with my posts started generating money. That money, I have promised myself, is to save for my future baby, my Medium baby.

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Slowly, I have saved enough for my future baby rocking chair, now I am working on a crib. Having a little monetary incentive to write doesn’t make you a shallow writer with an agenda, it gives a boost to help you start again.

Once the words started flowing again for me, money took the back burner. The process and satisfaction of writing, researching or responding in the blogging community reignites. “I’M BACK!” Typing away with my Medium baby motivation and the theme song for Rocky stuck in my noggin.

What creative motivation do you use to rekindle your writing? Do you think taking writing vacations is healthy?

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