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Blame It on the Hormones

Why I Hate Being Called Hormonal During Arguments

Women are called “hormonal” when they display emotion or passion. This does not lesson their arguments- Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

I am a woman and I have hormones (so do men and children). Sometimes I am positive my hormones are out of wack, and I am indeed hormonal. However, my beloved husband has developed a nasty habit of using the phrase:

You’re just hormonal!

He uses this phrase most commonly when we are having a civilized debate, which turns into a heated discussion and then sometimes an all out war. I know deep down that arguments are a natural part of any relationship that is worthwhile. Please do not worry about my marriage. That is not the point- blaming hormones is not a sufficient claim to end an argument!

Hormonal should not be synonymous with emotional or passionate.

Here is why I hate being called hormonal. I HAVE GREAT ARGUMENTS. Hormones should not dismiss them. Do I tend to get emotional when I am passionate about a topic? Hell yeah! If it is near and dear to my soul, do I cry? Frustratingly so.

Hormonal imbalances have symptoms in all genders, races and ages. – Photo courtesy of Pexels

To defend myself against the next hormonal accusation, I did a little digging for the next time my husband and I settle down for a great conversation that will turn to politics, religion, cultural differences and the like.

Hormonal imbalances have causes and symptoms in all genders, races and ages. You can bet your ass I will be using this as ammunition the next time he is loosing an argument. No longer will he be allowed to cop-out with, “Oh, now you’re just being hormonal.”

While researching a list of symptoms, I was pleased to find that “Hormones decrease your ability to have great thoughts and arguments” was mysteriously missing. I will admit there are several symptoms on that list I have been known to display (not the fatty mass behind the shoulder blades though, thankfully).

Have I been irritable in the past, most definitely and probably a majority of the time due to my personality. I may need to work on presenting my points in a less emotionally compromised way, but I want to preserve my voice and take on the world.

My point is, hormones should not dismiss a woman’s voice in any argument. Not with a spouse, a boss, or a colleague. No one! In fact, claiming ANYONE is hormonal during an argument points to the fact that they have nothing better to counter with. SO BRAVO hormonal people. Keep on raging.

**Note to my ever supportive husband- If you read this, which I am sure you will, I understand that I am sleeping on the sofa with the dog tonight. If it is any consolation, even though you look like an ass in this article, it may help my readers win their next argument with their partner. We both know how much you love winning. 

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