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Do You Have a Furry Little Pervert?

Dogs and Cats Are Professional Peeping Toms

Ever catch your pet staring at you in the shower or follow you to the restroom? – Photo courtesy of Pexels

When living solo, you get used to conducting your daily life without an audience. After marriage, there are still boundaries in most relationships. Certain activities in the restroom and changing are mostly considered private actions. My dog Tofu just doesn’t understand this.

After I adopted Tofu, I knew he was different, more cat like than anything. He is not a loud or active dog. Often times I forget he is in the house and find him staring at a wall. This makes it all the creepier when I am in a vulnerable state (changing or in the bathroom), and I turn to see two black eyes staring at me. “How long have you been there?” I often ask him. He always responds with a blinkless gaze.

Dogs may stare when anticipating a change in the household environment (a walk or feeding time)- Photo courtesy of Pexels

Apparently, there are many reasons why pets stare at you in the bathroom or when you are taking a shower/bath. Some being that they are interested in anything that signals a break in the routine or a fascination with water. For example, Tofu has gotten into the habit of knowing when I am going into the closet to get my coat. He goes to the door and waits for his leash.

Other than that, Tofu doesn’t seem to give a crap about routine and hates water. He often stares from a distance and it’s a dead stare. He is not excited, just present. If I need to go across the room while changing, his head slowly turns to follow me like one of those creepy dolls in a horror movie. My own dog scares the shit out of me. He is a professional Peeping Tom.

It’s as if he reads my mind and knows when I am going to go to the restroom; he is already in the corner waiting, staring. When I am about to take a shower, he positions himself for the best possible viewing angle and begins his staring assault. I love my dog, but sometimes I wonder if he is normal. Eventually, I will get to the point where I no longer care, but for now, my bathrobe is my only comfort.

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